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Suzhou Automotive

Purpose-built in 2020, our Suzhou Automotive site features best-in-class manufacturing capabilities.


Suzhou Automotive

Our Suzhou Automotive facility is equipped with a 2,300m² product and process development area, and an 18,000m² production floor space accommodating:

  • Moulding, Forming and Decoration processes
  • Electro-mechanical assembly and testing
  • 2 x Cleanroom facilities
  • IMD processing / Moulding
  • Class 1,000 LOCA bonding

We support customers throughout the full product life circle, from early design optimization, prototype design, production planning and industrialisation.


ToolTech, our specialised injection tool design and manufacturing business, is based in our Suzhou facility. Tooltech provides reliable end-to-end solutions that save production costs by reducing cycle times and improving in-process yield throughout the programme life.

A Focus on Sustainability

CCL Design has an ongoing commitment to carbon footprint reduction and working towards a cleaner future, which was the central focus in the development of our Suzhou facility. Our new facility features an efficient energy management system, which not only produces clean energy sources for the factory but also captures the thermal energy emitted from production processes. This energy is then used to drive site-wide temperature and humidity management, as well as providing valuable energy to control site-wide production cleanrooms.

For further information on Sustainability at CCL Design click here.

Market Leading Products

Our Suzhou manufacturing site works with customers primarily within the automotive, consumer and medical sectors.

From designing and manufacturing a range of interior automotive products to complex, functional components for the consumer market, CCL Design Automotive works with customers across the world. For further information on our products visit our Intelligent Decorative Technologies page.

Job Vacancies

项目工程师Project Engineer

Suzhou, China

Job posted on: 12/10/2023

Quality Standards

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CCL Design Suzhou Automotive Location

Contact Information

  • No. 1888 Songlu Road
  • Wuzhong District, Suzhou, Jiangsu Province, 215124
  • PRC
  • T: +86-(0)512-66879555


We have ample free parking available at our Suzhou manufacturing site.

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