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Innovative Zinc Battery in Saga Card

Posted on February 28, 2024

CCL Design, a leading innovator in printed, decorative and functional products, is proud to announce its contribution to the groundbreaking Saga Card. This cutting-edge cellular IoT device promises sustainable, real-time, end-to-end transparency from production to patient. A milestone in digital healthcare, the Saga Card sets a new standard for secure efficient distribution of pharmaceuticals worldwide.

Developed by Controlant in collaboration with industry giants like Deutsche Telekom and Nordic Semiconductor, the Saga Card offers real-time tracking of medicines and vaccines from production to patient, ensuring their safety and quality at every step while reducing waste.

Zinc Power for a Sustainable Future:

CCL Design plays a crucial role in this innovation by supplying the Saga Card with their environmentally friendly zinc-based battery.

Christine Ho, Co-Founder of CCL Design’s Imprint Energy division, highlights the significance of this choice:

"We are delighted to supply the sustainable, zinc-based battery that powers the Saga Card. This eco-friendly technology offers a significant advantage over traditional lithium batteries, with ultra thin, flexible, non-toxic features aligning perfectly with the pharmaceutical industry's commitment to safety and environmental responsibility."

Beyond Sustainability, Enhanced Performance:

The zinc battery's thin compact size and extended life perfectly complement the Saga Card's design.

"The batteries enable a slim device such that the monitoring of smaller products such as cartons, rather than boxes and pallets, is possible throughout the supply chain with transparency and real-time data," Christine explains.

CCL Design: A Committed Partner in Pharma Innovation:

CCL Design's involvement in the Saga Card extends beyond the battery. The company's expertise in design, materials, and manufacturing also contributes to the device's assembly, packaging, and scaled production.

Imprint Energy

CCL Design acquired the entire intellectual property suite of Imprint Energy in August 2023. Located in Alameda, California, Imprint Energy’s proprietary technology for ultrathin, non-hazardous and non-toxic printed batteries is used across IoT devices, sensors and wearables.

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