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Global Changes Start Local for a Sustainable Future at CCL Design Stuttgart

Posted on January 18, 2023

CCL Design is committed to environmental sustainability and throughout 2023 we will be sharing some of our ESG activities and initiatives across our global asset base. We are delighted to kickstart these updates with a focus on CCL Design Stuttgart.

CCL Design Stuttgart has recently undertaken a series of environmental investments and measures, primarily aimed at reducing the site’s CO2 emissions and promoting the sustainable use of valuable resources.

Harnessing Solar Energy

A crucial decision by the Stuttgart Sustainability team was to equip the roofs of their administration and cafeteria buildings with 470 next-generation solar panels. This key investment now covers 35% of the site’s in-house energy requirements. Overall, one third of Stuttgart’s total energy requirements are produced sustainably, with an annual CO2 reduction of 110 tons.

CCL design Stuttgart site invests in 470 next-generation solar panels

Switching off the Lights

The team also focused on minimising overall energy consumption with office and hall lighting converted to LED, dimmable and equipped with motion detectors. These small changes reduced lighting energy consumption by 80% with a future annual energy saving of approximately 38 tons of CO2. The electromobility area was also expanded with goods now transported emission-free across the full site. New electric hybrid vehicles in the fleet benefit from the installation of company-owned charging stations; this results in further savings of 2 tons of CO2 every year.

Working with our Partners

During recycling and disposal, the share of label material with FSC-certified recycled content is continuously optimized and expanded. The environmentally friendly disposal of our production waste is verified and confirmed annually with sustainability certificates.

The conversion of the air conditioning, the optimization of the control system, plus the heat recovery for preheating the hall supply air and the reduction of cooling energy via environmentally friendly lime-coated skylights further contribute to energy savings.

Other measures, such as 2,200 m² of greenery on the roof, the reduction of business flights, and the introduction of “Secure Print” with 33,000 fewer sheets of printouts per year add to our continued efforts to protect the environment and conserve our resources. Our goal is a 38% reduction in CO2 emissions by 2023.

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CCL Design are proud partners of the New Plastics Economy led by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation to drive change through active partnerships.

At CCL we are investing in resource saving technologies and waste reducing processes at our facilities worldwide. By focusing on engineering with more efficient manufacturing, we can offer our customers the best solutions to meet sustainability goals, together.

Visit our Sustainability section for more information on CCL’s commitment to preserving the environment.