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CCL Design Authentication is now a GlobalAutoID Solutions Partner

Posted on April 07, 2022

East Kilbride, UK and Hackberry, AZ, USA, April 3, 2022 – CCL Design Authentication and Global Automation & Identification Group (GlobalAutoID) announced today that CCL Design Authentication has become a GlobalAutoID Solutions Partner.

CCL Design Authentication is a specialist security solution integrator, offering unique security designs and features, to help brand owners protect against counterfeit and illicit trade, securing revenue and safeguarding reputation. It is a specialist team of Brand Protection experts within CCL Design, part of CCL Industries, the largest label company in the world. CCL Design specializes in a wide range of products including labels, die-cut components, branding products and security applications.

GlobalAutoID’s Solutions Partners is a collection of components and applications companies that provide best-in-class equipment and materials, as well as innovative solutions, to direct customers, resellers, and systems integrators for automotive, aerospace, electronics, pharmaceutical, biomedical, and consumer goods manufacturing and distribution. GlobalAutoID promotes and educates on how their Solutions Partners’ product and service offerings work together to deliver comprehensive solutions for clients’ unique needs.

With CCL Design Authentication’s inclusion as a Solutions Partner, GlobalAutoID will evangelize manufacturing, distribution, and other solutions where successful counterfeiting and illicit trade countermeasures are required.

Christine Lancaster, Global Brand Protection Director, CCL Design, commented,

“We are delighted to become a Solutions Partner with GlobalAutoID to provide expertise in product authentication and supply chain management. With our global reach & security print capability, we are a natural fit with the existing Solutions Partners to offer traceability, anti-counterfeit & product diversion solutions. We are looking forward to building this partnership to achieve our common goal, to keep companies; brands and their customers safe”.

Referring to CCL Design Authentication, Michael Cizek, Co-Founder and Business Development Director of Global Automation & Identification Group, said, “Brand protection is an issue that affects everyone. It is certainly a major focus for our group. With CCL Design Authentication joining Global Auto ID, along with our partner iTRACE Technologies, we will be able to provide the most current and effective solutions to the problem of counterfeit and diverted products. Counterfeit products cost legitimate brand owners over $2 Trillion per year in lost revenue. We are proud that CCL Design Authentication has selected Global Automation and Identification Group as a partner.”

Before becoming a Solutions Partner, CCL Design Authentication was already working with iTrace Technologies, another GlobalAutoID Solutions Partner, incorporating iTrace’s 2DMI track and trace application and secure markings into global supply chain management solutions.

For more information contact us here

For more information about Global Automation & Identification Group, visit globalautoid.com

Student Perspective: My CCL Design Internship Experience

Posted on March 29, 2022

In January this year, CCL Design IDT was delighted to welcome our new Process Engineering Intern, Jay Christie-Clarke, to our Glasgow design and production site.

Jay, who is now halfway through his six-month internship, tells us about his experience so far.

I am in my penultimate year at the University of Edinburgh, working towards a Meng (Hons) in Mechanical Engineering. A key part of my degree is to undertake an industrial placement.

What first interested you in engineering?

I love maths and physics and initially intended to go down an astrophysics route. My sixth form college organised for a team from Cambridge University to visit us, to discuss our options. Due to a room mix-up, I ended up with the mechanical engineering team. The combination of maths, physics and the practical aspects of engineering was appealing and there started my journey to become a Mechanical Engineer.

What made you choose the University of Edinburgh?

With no family or friends working in engineering I knew I needed a course that started with a broad, generalised curriculum to allow me the time to decide what direction I wanted to move into.

There were a few universities to choose from but in the end, Edinburgh won out. The course’s first year focuses on general engineering principles before advancing into structural mechanics, dynamics, and thermofluids in the final years of my five-year degree. Although I hadn’t previously visited the city, Edinburgh University is one of the world's top universities and I knew its reputation as an entrepreneurial hub with students from across the globe.

One of the things I love most about our STEM campus is that there are always building under construction!

I’ve been in Edinburgh now for 4 years and I love how compact the city is. There are amazing walks, world-class events and festivals and an incredible student scene. Even during the lockdown, I’ve been able to really enjoy the city. One of my favourite spots is Arthur's Seat, the highest point in Edinburgh, offering the best views across the whole city. And of course, we have also have a beach!

What attracted you to CCL Design IDT’s internship?

After nearly four years of academia and theory, the internship at CCL Design, or McGavigan as it was then, promised lots of practical, hands-on experience and a focus on teamwork and collaboration. I also thought it would be fun to work in the automotive sector.

What key projects are you working on

CCL Design’s IDT Division is a leading automotive interior supplier so I knew whatever I worked on would be interesting. My internship started with an induction of the site, including the production floor which was fantastic to experience. Some of the production floor’s staff and management have worked there for decades, helping to steer the enormous changes of automation and digital transformation that the sector continues to go through.

One of the key projects I’ve worked on with my CCL colleagues is designing a manufacturing cell. I’ve contributed to the design of the roller station, digitised physical parts, researched components online and designed and made my parts. True to the original internship brief, I have worked closely with both the design and engineering teams throughout.

I thought my understanding of CAD design would directly translate to being able to manufacture my designs but I’ve learned that real-world, hands-on experience is crucial in learning what is and isn’t possible and practical. Learning from more experienced colleagues is vital.

CCL Design provides a culture of continuous learning and support and teamwork, meaning I’m thoroughly enjoying my time here, even if the commute from Edinburgh has proved a bit of a painful shock!

What next?

I am only halfway through my internship and am looking forward to what the next three months bring. I hope to keep in touch with everyone I’ve met here and given CCL Design’s current growth, I may even return once I’ve completed my degree.

What would you say to students currently considering a career in STEM?

This is an incredibly exciting time to get involved in STEM subjects. The world is going through a period of fundamental change, with science, technology and engineering at the centre of the 4th industrial revolution, working across disciplines to solve real-world problems.

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Reuse Recycle or Recover: The Automotive Industry’s Journey to Sustainability

Posted on March 18, 2022

Happy Global Recycling Day. According to the Global Recycling Day website, recyclables save over 700 million tonnes in CO2 emissions per annum, a saving projected to increase to 1 billion tons by 2030.

As consumers, we have witnessed a significant shift in attitude and behaviour when it comes to recycling and reusing, with consumer demand driving change across the globe.

The automotive industry has always been driven by innovation and consumer demand, making vehicles one of our most highly-recycled consumer products. Numerous parts are either routinely reused in other vehicles or repurposed at their end of life. Metals, tyres, engine oil and many more component parts in our vehicles have been routinely recovered and recycled for many years but the EU’s End of Life Vehicle (ELV) Directive aims to make the dismantling and recycling of end-of-life vehicles even more environmentally friendly. The 11th amendment to the ELV, due to come into force this year, focuses on ensuring individual automotive components are manufactured and built from the outset with sustainability in mind, ensuring they can be dismantled and recycled at the end of their lifecycle.

OEMs are increasingly working in partnership with Tier 1 and Tier 2 suppliers to ensure materials are durable, lightweight and energy-efficient and provide environmental benefits passed on through the supply chain and onto the consumer.

Steve Mathers, Group Commercial Director for CCL Design IDT commented:

“Europe is leading the way with these changes, with Asian and American markets quickly catching up. Historically McGavigan, was always highly regarded as an innovative force within the automotive industry, working with customers to create more streamlined, lighter and more integrated interior components over many decades. Now as part of CCL Design, we have access to international Research & Development teams working across mobile, electronics, and consumer markets, developing materials and products that help meet the increasing climate challenges faced across so many sectors.

“The mobility sector’s megatrends will see significant shifts in how we travel, from electric vehicles to autonomous driving, greater connectivity, and an increase in shared mobility; the sector is working hard to create a more sustainable future for the planet.”

Creativity and innovation is key to fighting climate change and OEMs are investing heavily in a range of recycling projects including:

  • In September last year BMW unveiled its compact electric car using only recycled and recyclable materials, the BMW i Vision Circular. It also announced its plan to sell 10 million electric vehicles by 2031, double its previous target.
  • In June 2021 Audi, working in partnership with researchers at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) announced their pilot project “Chemical Recycling of plastics from automotive manufacturing” was complete and results showed that Chemical Recycling of mixed plastic waste is both technically feasible and environmentally and financially promising.
  • In 2020 Groupe Renault announced its plan to create its REFACTORY in Flins, the first European circular economy site dedicated to mobility. Working with a network of partners the site will revolve around 4 poles of activity, putting into practice the principles of the circular economy at each stage of the vehicle life cycle and mobility.

It’s an Exciting Time to be Involved in Product Design and Development

Posted on March 7, 2022

Emily Carr is McGavigan’s CAD Designer, working closely with our business development and technical leads to design and develop products for the automotive and consumer sectors. Emily works across a wide range of product categories including steering wheel control sets, overhead modules, control panels, and capacitive touch screen panels.

On International Women’s Day, Emily reflects on her design and engineering background and what it’s like to be a woman working in a male-dominated industry.

At school, I really enjoyed maths, physics and graphic communication (CAD drawings etc) but I didn’t know what I wanted to be. I spent months reviewing degree courses that fed my love of STEM subjects but also involved a degree of creativity and design. When my friend sent me a link to the Product Design Engineering course at Strathclyde it sounded perfect.

You earned a Masters Degree in Engineering Design from Strathclyde University. According to the University’s 2017 Student monitoring report only 25% of its Engineering students are women. Is that something you were aware of before you started your degree and did that create any challenges for you?

I was aware there were fewer women in engineering. Even before going to University, I was one of the only women in my advanced STEM classes. My engineering department (DMEM) within Strathclyde had a fair mix of women but it was clear other engineering departments were still very male-dominated.

Where has your career taken you and what is your current role in McGavigan’s?

After graduating in 2015, I worked in a plastic packaging company designing innovative packaging solutions for a range of well-known consumer brands. I joined the McGavigan team in 2018. The automotive industry is incredibly innovative and creative, with major trends towards lighter, more streamlined, integrated products to meet the sector’s sustainability goals. It’s a very exciting time to be involved in product design and development.

What are the most challenging and rewarding aspects of your job?

I am part of a small team at McGavigan although, since our acquisition by CCL Design, I will be feeding into a larger Research & Development team. It can be challenging to juggle all the different daily elements but I genuinely love the variety of my role, together with working collaboratively with so many departments and customers. It is really satisfying to see a design I created being used daily to help create our products.

Do you think being a woman helps or hinders your career?

Luckily, I believe I am living and working in a time where being a woman has less impact on your career. I know in the past I may have been turned down for a role for being a woman but in McGavigan’s there is no impact.

Do you have any female role models or mentors?

My Mum. She had a very successful career in the public sector and has recently set out on her own entrepreneurial journey, setting up her own company. I can always rely on my Mum for honest and valuable advice.

What would you say to girls and women looking to study engineering or another STEM subject?

I think it is key to follow subjects you enjoy and try not to worry about what your friends are doing. If you enjoy science and technology subjects there are lots of opportunities to create and progress your career. Go for it!

When not Working?

My husband and I both love off-road driving and are members of our local group. We are also season ticket holders at Murrayfield and now that international travel is opening back up we are looking forward to getting back on the slopes.

Emily Carr with colleagues, Paul Marsh and Thomas Pöhlmann at a recent CCL Design visit

CCL Design are delighted to announce that we are now members of the International Anticounterfeiting Coalition (IACC)

Posted on February 03, 2022

CCL Design are delighted to announce that we are now members of the International Anticounterfeiting Coalition (IACC). The IACC is headquartered in Washington D.C and is a non-profit organisation who are devoted to combating product counterfeiting and piracy, covering a wide range of industries.

The touchstone of the IACC’S mission is to combat counterfeiting and piracy by promoting laws, regulations, directives, and relationships designed to render the theft of intellectual property undesirable and unprofitable.

Our Brand Protection Director Christine Lancaster commented “Joining IACC brings CCL Design Authentication into the Global Brand Protection community, to offer expertise in the fight against counterfeit to brand owners, law enforcement and governments. Networking and communication are essential in combating fake goods and illicit trade. Together we are stronger, and IACC offer the tools, connectivity and resources to make a global impact. We look forward to being a part of this community as an expert in product security.”

CCL Industries join the United Nations Global Compact!

Posted on January 19, 2022

CCL Industries Inc., a world leader in specialty label, security and packaging solutions for global corporations, government institutions, small businesses and consumers, has signed onto the Ten Principles of the United Nations Global Compact on human rights, labour, environment and anti-corruption.

Geoffrey T. Martin, President and Chief Executive Officer said, “We are committed to making the Ten Principles of the UN Global Compact an inherent part of CCL’s strategy, culture and day-to-day operations. We fully commit to undertake practical applications of these core principles and annually report on our achievements. We will do our part.”

Click here to view the full press release

CCL Industries Acquires McGavigan Holdings for CCL Design

Posted on January 7, 2022

CCL Design is pleased to announce that it has acquired privately owned McGavigan Holdings Ltd. (“McGavigan”), a leading supplier of ‘in mould’ decorated components for automotive interiors.

McGavigan supports its global automotive customer base from a long established manufacturing plant in the U.K. and a recently completed, wholly owned greenfield facility in China, where a significant majority of its operations are based. Capabilities include state-of-the-art clean rooms with technical screen printing, high precision forming, injection moulding and automation technologies.

Geoffrey T. Martin, President and Chief Executive Officer of CCL Industries Inc., commented, “We have known McGavigan and its key people for many years, and are very pleased to welcome the team to CCL where they will continue to focus on innovative specialty product designs for automotive interiors. This acquisition significantly expands our presence in the automotive sector in China and brings important new product and technology platforms to our CCL Design global network, headed by Derek Cumming, Group Vice President.”

Watch the video below, and click here to view the full press release

CCL Industries Announces Bolt-on Acquisition for CCL Design

Posted on October 4, 2021

CCL Design is pleased to announce that it has signed a binding agreement to acquire Desarrollo e Investigación S.A. de C.V. and Fuzetouch PTE LTD (Singapore) (collectively “D&F”) headquartered in San Luis Potosi, Mexico. D&F together are a leading supplier of graphic interface control panels and assemblies serving large global customers in the consumer electronics and medical markets throughout the USMCA region.

Geoffrey T. Martin, President and Chief Executive Officer of CCL Industries Inc., commented, “We are pleased to expand our highly successful CCL Design operations, adding important new capabilities: technical screen printing, printed electronics including design & assembly, adhesive & functional coating and in-mould decoration. We welcome the entire D&F team to the CCL Design global network headed by Derek Cumming, Group Vice President.”

Click here to view the full press release

CCL Design Guadalajara Receive PCAV Certification

Posted on September 9, 2021

The Direction of Environment and Territorial Development (SEMADET) of the state of Jalisco en Mexico publicly recognized the efforts of companies that manage to obtain their certificate within the Voluntary Environmental Compliance Program (PCAV) by applying sustainable practices within their activities. Through this certification scheme, the aim is to create a link between economic development and sustainability.

CCL Design Electronics Guadalajara was one of the companies certified this August 12th 2021, and the first company related with printing solutions registered under this program.

A certified company guarantees that it fully complies with environmental obligations, not only with the authority that recognizes it, but also with the competent environmental authorities at the federal and municipal level; coupled with carrying out actions beyond what is ordered by environmental regulations, in favor of a better environment.

This certification is aligned with our corporative vision, to become a global example of environmental good practices.

Green Week

Posted on September 8, 2021

The current problem regarding pollution and climate change and it’s affect on the environment is a topic which has increased the concern of citizens.

Terms such as Sustainable Development, (present development that does not compromise the capacities of the future to satisfy their needs), are continuously heard in the media and governments around the world to try to establish measures to carry it out.

As it is a current issue and that concerns us all, it is important that it is explained and that it reaches the entire population in an accessible way, which is why environmental awareness campaigns are created. Education is essential to achieve the proposed objectives and therefore a discipline arises that is Environmental Education.

Therefore, at CCL we have carried out “Green Week” with the support of collaborators and the general public, focused on the family environment whose objectives are:

  • Acquire new knowledge to help foster interest in the environment.
  • Attitude and will to conserve our habitat.
  • Participate and develop a sense of responsibility in caring for our environment.
  • Promote education from home and as early as possible from childhood
  • Identify and solve environmental problems

It is also essential that everyone is aware of the environment and sustainable development in order to avoid compromising natural resources in the long term.

Apprentice of The Year

Posted on June 29, 2021

CCL Design are thrilled to announce our Apprentice Print Administrator Robby McCann who is based in our East Kilbride site has won Apprentice of The Year!

Each year Print Scotland awards young apprentices in the printing sector as part of its mission to represent the Scottish print community and to highlight the profile of future leaders of the industry.

Jim McKenzie from Ultimate Learning Solutions joined us to congratulate Robby and presented him with an Apprentice of The Year certificate.

Robby is in the third year of his apprenticeship and focuses on Artwork and Planning. When discussing his apprenticeship Robby told us he really enjoys the chance to meet and work alongside everyone at CCL Design, working for such a big company provides a great opportunity to learn and build your knowledge. He added that no two days are the same and that there is always a challenge.

Congratulations Robby, from everyone at CCL Design!

CCL Design Announces the Integration of iTRACE 2DMI® Product Authentication with their HP Indigo based Security Label Production

Posted on May 27, 2021

CCL Design is pleased to announce a partnership with iTRACE Technologies, Inc., a leading provider of supply chain security applications for anti-grey and anti-counterfeit markets, which will deliver 2DMI® highly secure smartphone authentication capability to its customers.

“iTRACE 2DMI® is a unique solution that delivers a number of new features and benefits for our customers,” said James Wood, Technical Director Digital Print & Brand Protection at CCL Design. “When we looked at all of the technologies available for mobile device authentication, iTRACE 2DMI® stood out as the most secure, robust and cost-effective."

iTRACE 2DMI® (2-Dimensional Marking Identifier) is a patented, proprietary unique identification (UID) solution that has been developed specifically to secure products using the existing production infrastructure and mobile devices. The encrypted and secure 2DMI® Marks cannot be deciphered or recreated by counterfeiters and the closed system is under total control by the brand deploying it.

“The partnership between iTRACE and CCL Design provides secure, unique identification and authentication to printed security labels for consumer electronics, automotive and industrial applications,” said iTRACE Founder and CEO Mark Manning. “A simple mobile application allows the brands own customers to securely authenticate products anywhere in the world, helping to fight counterfeit and diversion.”

Full Press Release

CCL Design Taiwan 10th Anniversary

Posted on April 4, 2021

CCL Taiwan Design Centre celebrated the 10th Anniversary of its Research and Development facility in March 2021. The date was marked with a celebration for the whole team but with the current pandemic restricting international travel, some of the CCL Design Senior Management Team who would have attended in person, made an appearance virtually to congratulate the Taiwan team and wish them success in the future.

Vicky Chen, Sales & Taiwan Regional Director, hosted the event with more than 100 of our customers joining us to celebrate this special moment.

As well as the speeches, the evening included some fun games as well as food and refreshments and everyone received a memento to mark the occasion.

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